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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Hot Experience

The Samtengang MSS staff Archery  team drove away at 6 in the morning of 21st August, to Samdingkha (Punakha).We were to play a team of teachers there. We could reach there at 8.30 only and were recieved with breakfast. The match commenced at 9 and the sun was at her best. I could feel the heat on my face. It was really hot. I am new at archery but I could find the range as a good range. Our team could not hit the target as the opponents did initially. The match progressed so did the sun and its blazing heat. I applied a sun cream in the morning but now it was nowhere. I was profusely sweating. My head became heavy and my throat was thirsty. My arrows could find the target 4 times before the lunch. Lunch was over by 1.30 and we were again at the mercy of the burning heat. The only advantage was that, the Pho Chu roared just a 100m away from the range.  We took turns to visit it and cool our head. I tried umbrella to escape the heat but the suffocation and uneasiness it created was more than the sun. I decided not to use it. As I walk from one end to the other and meet fellow archers, one statement was sure to be spoken before spoken out- It is very hot. It was the first time to play in such condition since I took up archery.  I had to adapt to the heat first and then adjust to the range.
Our team lost the match and we are not out of hope. The opponents will come to play at Samtengang in the coming week. So we can apply the advantage of Home range. (I love archery for many reasons. We can meet and socialise (human beings are social animals).  It also burns a lot of calories and helps me maintain my health. Winning the match is not important but experience is).
 We experienced a very hot day of archery and I think i lost a gallon of fluid through sweat. I came to understand that I bottled up 7 big Mineral water, 3 cokes, 5 cups of tea. The tea thing was done in respect of my belief in science. When we feel hot, we need to take hot things though I'm not sure how far it is true.
We could get back home at 9.30pm and we were all very tired and the most BORING thing was that I need to get to " okay students, today we will look at..... Did you understand?.... See you in the next class.                                                                                                                      
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