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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silent Angel…Lovely Smile.... United Colours of LOVE -Part I

This is an imaginative piece written from a child's point of view. It was written in 2008 and was written to express my love and happiness.
Tenzin Thrisel Yeatsho

Name: Tenzin Thrisel Yeatsho
D.O.B : 1:45 pm, Saturday, 8th  November 2008
(10th  of the  9thmonth on lunar calendar)
Place of birth: Operation Theatre,
                         JDWNR  Hospital,Thimphu
Father’s Name : Sonam Norbu
Mother’s Name : Dema

        I am born to a loving and caring couple. They are both teachers and my mom is 2 years senior to my dad. My dad is in 2nd year and I will not see him next year as he would be attending his final year training.
        My mom is Dema and she is from lhuentse. She is a silent and timid girl. During my occupancy inside her womb, I found her quite talkative with my dad and she also has a short temper. She loves sour fruits and she eats very little. I can say from my personal experience that she is a bit lazy.  My dad used to force her to eat so that I could draw the nutrition. He also compels her to go for walks. I can’t say that she is beautiful but I have heard my dad say ‘You are beautiful to me if not for others.’
         Now let me introduce my dad, He is Sonam Norbu and he is from Wangdue. He speaks quite fast which makes me understand very less of what he says. I found out from the conversations that he loves fatty food especially Sikkam Paa. He also eats a lot. He does not drink and smoke thereby making me grow in a healthy environment. He eats doma which I don’t mind but I heard my mom complain about the reddish stains of doma on his tooth.
         My dad too is short tempered but he never showed it to me. My heart nearly stopped beating when I heard his voice for the first time, it was too loud. My dad is an advice box and I discovered that from the number of advices he gives to mom.
          My dad loves and cares mom  greatly that he does all the chores for her when my mom was carrying me in her womb. My mom also loves dad and she cries whenever he comes to visit her and leaves for Paro. She cries almost for hours and I could feel the pain of departure.
          My parents love and care me and they never leave me alone. They never let me cry. As soon as I get ready to cry, dad will check my diaper. if I didn’t do anything messy down there, he will let mom breast feed me. I am never left on damp and cold diapers. They try their best to keep me happy. I heard dad say, ‘Always keep a baby without sores or rashes and change the diapers as soon as it is wet. Never let the baby go hungry, Then a baby will never cry.’ For all these caring, I give them smiles which makes them so happy. I can say that I am lucky to be born here.

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