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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ode to the marigold plant

Gust of a tender breeze
Brought you here
In my small garden
And drip… drip Of spring shower
Gave you light and life
Thus you found your place.

                            So mutely, yet so beautifully
                             You thrust from the earth
                               And grew up gracefully
                        Into a plant, fresh and green
                         I tended you, day and night
                              With infinite tenderness.

I remember the time
I kissed your buds
When they started sprouting
With prayers,
Deep down from the heart
I dreamt of you
Bearing beautiful flowers

One day your beautiful buds
Gave way to flowers
Beautiful flowers of my dream
I rejoiced your success
And celebrated my hard work
When you delighted everyone

My heart did ail
When I saw you braving the
Scorching sun and wintry days
When hailstone thumped you so hard
My heart did bleed with mercy.

When you hailed the glorious sun
Kissing the eastern valley
And when you heartily invited
The hovering bees and fluttering butterflies
And gave them the sweetest nectar
My happiness knew no bound.

Now I weep to see you devoid of life
Leaves reduced to the ground
No hover of bees nor
Is there a passionate lover who
Sees his lady on you

I have no choice but wait
For the next heavenly spring to approach
When your offspring delights
Everyone; and awakens every soul
And the time they transmute
Just like you did
You are, but a marvellous piece of nature

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