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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Typical Day in my life

Wake up! Time for work… my alarm rings at its maximum volume. My day starts at 6.30 am in the morning and I have to curl out unwillingly from my cozy blanket. I rush towards the bathroom and do my washing.
Then, the time goes for polishing my shoes and wearing my gho (which I need my wife to do it). I usually don’t take breakfast. I go 
to work with a big cup of coffee and Doma (betel nut/pan). So, sometimes I need to visit the toilet at school doma and coffee make an awful combination which results in emptying my already empty stomach.
Engaging students through a quiz competition
I try to get to school before 8.15 am as I need to sign the register which will not be there if I am late. Moreover, I need to supervise my class’ morning SUPW (social work). We gather for the morning assembly at 8.30 where the day’s prayers are chanted and the day’s (important) announcements are made. I also need to listen to two speeches delivered by the students. With all these, the hour hand strikes 9 and the 1st period starts off.
As a class teacher, I always have a class in the 1st period. As of 2011, I am the class teacher for class XF. I need to look after the attendance, SUPW and guide them through the inter class competitions. The day progress on with 1st period giving way to 2nd and so and so… I usually have 5+ teaching periods in a day. I go to two class Xs for English and one class VIII  also for English. My lessons usually begin with a Read Aloud activity, a joke or a reflection on the previous day and ends with tasks or getting ready for the next lesson.
Then, the bell for lunch goes off. Frankly stated, I long to hear this bell. We are back again-On time but with in a sleepy mood. I hate afternoon classes as a teacher and I’ve disliked them as a student. We need to bear with three more periods before we call it a day.
At 3.30, my alarm (which is in vibrate mode) buzzes and it is a reminder for me to sign the departure register. Tired and thirsty (after all the shouting and speaking), I stroll back home.
This is how I complete a typical day in my life.
  But I have many other works I tend to, which doesn’t show up regularly but they are always there. Apart from my classroom exercise, I need to pile up books on my desk and use my red Cello Gripper pen. And also, I have to plan my lessons on a daily period wise basis. Being the Literary Coordinator, I have to also make sure some kind of programs related to literary are organized. One easy and useful way of doing so is maintaining the Literary Boards but I really feel sorry for the articles as they will have very short life span (this happens when the articles are interesting or they contain some pictures). 
As a teacher we cater to many needs of our students, a very good example occurs on my awaited weekends. Students knock on my door and says, “ Sir, show us a movie”. I have to agree with a smiling face and a grunting heart. When second thoughts are given to this situation, I feel it is our duty to keep students updated and engaged (by default I work in a boarding school). The most disliked extra burden is monitoring the studies (especially morning study). We are entitled with this burden twice in every one month or so.  I also coordinate UNESCO club every Friday where I engage a group of students. Rarely, we also meet students who are misguided and I try to bring them to the right track. We are their parents when they are at school.
These are some of the things I have to handle apart from the classroom.
When you are a teacher, you never feel bored or without something to do. I don’t hate my work and I love to be with students around. I enjoyed the sound of the bell as a student and I enjoy it more as a teacher. I want to follow this timing for some years to come- I want to wake up at 6, reach school at 8 and teach till 3 and show movies, organize quizzes, counsel students, play the father’s role… the list of interesting things a teacher does goes on till eternity.
I Love my students!

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