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Monday, August 15, 2011

Nature at Her Best

Push it... push it Repty!
A giant moth found her way into my verandah

Nature is the best painter

Samtengang turned Gedu in this photo

A crane attracted by the lake

Where's this?

Samtengang Luetsho

A beautiful sunset

Way to Drage pangtsho

Hyacinth looks beautiful but harmful to the poor dying lake.

Guess the name...

clouds look good indeed

We call this a menace bird. They really create noise pollution especially during the assembly

A smaller lake below the Drage Pangtsho

Drage pangtsho (Paro)

If sunset is beautiful, sunrise is breathtaking

I would love to retreat to such a place (when I am old)

A view of Samtengang from the rope-way

A closer view from the rope-way

Art this if I'm an artist

A treat for the eyes of the beholder

Yonder... into the beautiful realm

A lake or a river

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