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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Sweet Family

Small Family, Happy Family

I followed the famous Bhutanese saying  Jigten ma pche, damchoe ma ha  (Don’t be late to marry and don’t be early to pursue the path of religion). I got married when I was 21. It happened all out of love and I decided to get down to marriage without the consent of my parents. I met her in college. She was in the 3rd year and I was a fresher, bold enough to woo her. We were so much into our relationship that I made my biggest decision for life- I made her my better half.
We were blessed with a beautiful daughter after a year into our married life.  I became a father at 22 and I have to say that I was the happiest man when my daughter was born. She became the heart and soul for me and my wife. My daughter grew up into a healthy, beautiful (for our eyes) and talkative little girl. We love our daughter.
Then and again I became a father and this time I got a son. I was even more happy to have him in our family. He is a strong and healthy. We (even his sister) love him so much. For now, he has learnt to say apa…apa,(daddy) and   smiles a lot.
It is an experience to have our own children. The most amazing part is their progress into life. I love my sweet little family and I will do anything to keep the family happy, peaceful and prosperous.

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